Ann Pritchard Therapy


Therapy for young people

Young people are facing significant challenges and therapy can help them get to the root of a problem and begin to understand their thoughts and feelings and explore ways to help relax and cope better in everyday life.

As every child is individual, with their own personalities and different levels of maturity, my therapy is tailored to their particular needs to give them a confidential, friendly, and safe space to explore and understand their struggles. I am passionate about enabling young people to access support when they need it most and helping them on their way to living happier lives. I have extensive experience of working with young people and have set up and run the Counselling service within a local Grammar school, supporting young people with a variety of issues. I also meet with young people who prefer not to be seen within their school setting or have left school and need support to help them make the transition to further education or employment, and those who find themselves feeling 'lost' and in need of some direction in their lives.

Therapy for adults

Adults seek therapy for a variety of reasons at different times of their lives. Circumstances can present us with challenges and counselling can help you make sense of your emotions and responses and empower you to make changes in your life.

You may be struggling with a relationship breakdown. Perhaps you're suffering from stress and anxiety or maybe you've had a loss in your life. We can talk about what you'd like to achieve from your therapy and work together to try and understand the issues and identify steps for change to help you move towards greater well-being. Therapy gives you a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space to really be heard and to explore your thoughts and feelings, helping you gain insight, understanding and comfort.


I am a qualified and experienced supervisor and encourage regular, ongoing reflection to ensure that counsellors continue working in an ethical, safe and professional way.

I have extensive experience of working with young people in a school setting and offer Supervision to student and placement Counsellors as well as those working in a private setting and therapists working with adult clients. I also supervise non-counselling individuals including those within a pastoral or safe-guarding role in education. As with therapy, I work from a relational stance and provide a reflective space in which to develop your practice and so benefit your clients.